Photosensitive solder mask


  PSR-4000 GP01EU is a heat-hardened, liquid, two-component, light-sensitive non-soldering screen mask, suitable for even the most demanding applications. Its technical properties allow the production of even the most complex HDI printed circuit boards.     technical specification PSR-4000 GP01EU


 the standard colour of the non-soldering mask in use is semi-matte  
 please consult other colours with the technician of the order reception          
 for materials with high Tg we use a special non-soldering mask XV501T-LT 
 for LED applications we use special ULTRA white soldermask TAIYO LEW3    Technical specification TAIYO LEW3
 the standard colour of the silkscreen is white semi-matte. Other colours please consult with the technician of the order reception.  




  Via hole filler SD 2361 - a single-component resin paste colour, which fills up drilled holes (via). It prevents penetration e.g.: of molten solder during the passage through wave; of external surroundings through the board when situating the DPS in special applications, of air when testing the printed circuit on vacuum frames etc….  technical specification SD 2361


  Pluggin pasta PP 2795 - paste for buried via filling for multilayer PCB production     technical specification PP 2795

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