Exposure site - clean room

  What is decisive for every user of printed circuits (producers of electronics...., customers ....), is the quality of printed circuits. The quality is essentially affected by cleanness of the environment in which a pattern of a printed circuit is being produced. For this reason, we recently rebuilt the workplace of exposure into clean rooms - as the firsts in the Czech Republic. The room concerned is a room with several-level air filtration, with air-conditioning to stabilize the temperature and humidity in a narrow tolerance range controlled by a computer and with permanent overpressure. The rooms include passage chambers where the workers clean themselves and materials are handed over. Organizational regulations strictly determining the regime of operation are an integral part of the operation – for example using special dustless and antistatic clothes and shoes. After more than one-year long operation, our way proved to be perfectly correct. After the clean rooms had been put into operation, the statistically evaluated error rate decreased to the level far below the average of the field. Further more, our company is thus prepared to produce circuits with markedly finer patterns than it has been possible so far in the Czech Republic.


RISTON® MultiMaster MM 140

  MultiMaster MM 140 is dry photopolymer film retrievable in water solution. This film was developed for usage with both rough and smooth electrolytic copper. It allows production of very fine tracks with wide exposure range. It is also strongly resistant against lifting in the electrolytic copper and tin baths and is also suitable for some kinds of nickel/gold baths.



  Fully automated equipment for digital direct exposure of photosensitive layers APOLLON DI-A11-3 was installed and put into full operation in May 2014. This machine is able to expose even the smallest structures - tracks/gaps up to 35um with position accuracy of +/- 5um. UV LED heads with 375 and 390 nm source have a camera guidance positioning. The device enables automatic compensation of size according to material size changes. It also includes an integrated stacker, unloader and inverter od PCBs.


Automatic exposure machine OLEC AccuTray AT30

  In 2009 we installed two new exposure machines from American company OLEC. Lower demand on technological equipment forced many manufacturers to drop prices of their machines and therefore accelerated our decision to buy these exposure machines. OLEC AT30 is fully automatic exposure machine with 4 registration cameras. Speed and absolute accuracy of registration allows us to produce even the finest PCBs with BGAs. Second machine was installed as a solder mask exposure machine and we believe that this step will improve our quality even more.

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