Prototype laser stencils - Stencil POOL service


"Stencil POOL service" is a new service that offers the production of small, laser-cut stencils for manual assembly. One produced stainless steel sheet is placed more small stencils of different customers, it allows you to reduce the cost of their production and offer production of prototype stencils at a bargain price. Due to the technological processes of stencil POOL service, a type of material is precisely specified :




Parameters :
Maximal stencil size 150x200mm and 1500 pads
Maximal stencil size 200x300mm and 3000 pads
Maximal stencil size 300x300mm and 5000 pads


Specification :
Production data : gerber RS 274-X, this data will be used without modification for the production of stencil
Material : 120 - 130µm ( according to the current state of production )
Text : maximal lenght 30 characters
Fiducials : none
Delivery : standard 3 working days


Other materials, additional cutted pads, data editing or express terms of production are at an additional cost. For exact determination of the total price of the whole order or for more complicated requirements, please take advantage of our system of inquiry / offer on  .


Small sample using a prototype stencil for manual printing, see this short video online


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