Payment and delivery conditions

Payment conditions

 Initial order is paid in in advance by bank transfer
 Other orders are paid by bank transfer on the basis of invoice, which is issued when sending the job. Invoice due date is 14 days
 Prepayment may be required for jobs with total value higher than 1000EUR
 0.2% of the invoiced amount will be charged per day after the due date
 When delivering orders by mail, UPS or other paid transport service, postage and packaging is charged according to applicable tariffs
 Customer agrees to these conditions with ordering


Handover conditions

 Method of handover shall be noted in order. If not, UPS is taken as method of transport
 Producer indicates method of handover in email, which confirms acceptance of the order
 When accepting the package from carrier, check integrity of the packaging. If packaging is destroyed, do not accept the package and let the carrier return it to producer


Base conditions

 Standard warranty for the PCB´s is 1 year from receipt of order


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